Facilitating life skills for emotional & mental well-being to children and youth 3 - 18 years & their schools 

Frequently asked questions…

How does the schedule work for my school? We schedule consecutive classes during the school day around your school’s bell schedule. Each class is 40-45 minutes in length. We can schedule an entire school no problem!

What do you need to do a class? The gym or a multipurpose/music room and that’s it! We bring all the mats and props required for classes. We also provide a document to the school to provide to parents on the program.

Have you done this before? Yes! Our founder and program creator has been delivering health education programs for over two decades. Specific to our Mind Your Movements© program, this has been delivered since 2013. 

Is yoga religious? The roots of yoga stem from the Vedic civilization, including the Sanskrit words associated with yoga. From this civilization different religions and languages emerged, such as Hinduism. One aspect of the Vedic civilization that Hinduism adopted is yoga, yes. However, yoga itself is not a religion – it does not adhere to a particular dogma, ideology or belief system. While it can be a spiritual experience for many, this is not the focus with any of our classes, at schools or in our studio classes. If there is further concern over this, we do have a document that can be provided that details exactly what is in our program.

Who pays for the programming? Some schools choose to have PAC pay, others allocate funds from the school itself, and still others choose to have parents pay or receive grants. 

How can the school and families reinforce what is learned in the program? We provide an electronic booklet and posters for parents and teachers to understand what students have learned within the school program, alongside sharing ways to reinforce these skills at home or in the classroom. 

How do we book the program? Contact us here to find a trained and licensed instructor in your area