Facilitating life skills for emotional & mental well-being to children and youth 3 - 18 years & their schools 

For the one-time fee you may attend as many immersion days as you feel you need before branching out on your own! Price also includes our Mind Your Movements© curriculum (and accompanying resources) and your business and marketing packages at no additional cost.  

Spring 2018 Dates (you may choose one or more days at no additional cost)

When: March 12th and March 15th. (8am - 3:30pm each day) 
Where: Langley, B.C.

When: April 3rd and 4th. April 10th and 11th. April 18th and 19th. (8am - 3:30pm each day)
Where: Surrey, B.C.

** May and June dates TBA

Cost: $370. Participants receive a Professional Development certificate, our business and marketing package and our evidence-based curriculums with accompanying resources and videos. Module 1 and 2 a pre-requisite. 

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Learn more: Module 1// Keitumetse (The Practice of I Am Happy)

Learn more: Module 2// Yoga It Up for You (and your business)


Module 3// Immersion School ​   Register Now!

Healthy & Active Living - Social & Community Health - Mental Well-Being

Mind Your Movements© is a highly successful, evidence-led in-school program deeply rooted in the fields of Social and Emotional Learning, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience that is facilitated through 5-session, 10-session and introductory formats for K-7 students. 

Put your training into action, and receive all of the tools you need for your own success, while having a mentor with you every step of the way! Join Founder & Director, Julia Bain Johnson, in a school to see the Mind Your Movements© curriculum and structure in action. If you're feeling ready to dive in, then Julia will be there to support and guide you. Your opportunity to ask all of your questions and truly be ready to create a career you are passionate about with all of the tools in your belt to equip you to do it NOW! Qualified instructors will have access to local school contacts and relationships; our business and marketing package; and, our Mind Your Movements© curriculum manual that comes with additional resources and videos for review and study. 

Upon completion of the program participants will:

  • Own the Mind Your Movements© curriculums (5-session, 10-session & Introductory workshops for Elementary & Middle)
  • Have an effective business model, and materials, for implementation
  • Are included in our Instructor Directory for referrals

Registered participants will receive the curriculum manual, additional resources, videos for review and study, and our business and marketing package at no additional cost (value of $235).

Over the course of the training participants will receive additional information on the following:

  • Class management
  • Knowledge & strategies for working with school districts and within school settings
  • An effective business model
  • Applying the programming outside of school settings
  • In-school vs after-school programming
  • 5-session, 10-session Mind Your Movements© curriculum
  • Introductory workshops & special population curriculums