Facilitating life skills for emotional & mental well-being to children and youth 3 - 18 years & their schools 

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Self-Regulation of Emotions

Mind Your Movements© School Program (K - 12)

Healthy & Active Living - Social & Community Health - Mental Well-Being

Physical Literacy

Knowledge of Well-Being for Ourselves & Others

Social & Emotional Learning

Mindfulness-Based Practices

Mind Your Movements© is an evidence-led program deeply rooted in the fields of Social and Emotional Learning, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience. Life skills are facilitated through child-centered yoga, mindfulness activities, tools of positive psychology and foundations in social-emotional learning during in-school sessions through an inclusive, joyful, engaging and relevant curriculum. Designed to overlap with learning standards for Physical & Health Education our programs aim to increase:​

Feelings of Self-Worth & Confidence

When most people think of yoga they think of physical postures or meditation. These are in fact aspects of yoga; however, yoga also goes beyond the traditional thoughts of poses and meditation. It is a tool that can foster positive attitudes, healthy body awareness, respect for self and others, strength in relationships, and the focus to succeed in any goal. 

Historically, yoga brings with it principles for living that are aimed at bringing peace to ourselves, our relationships with others, as well as our communities. Yoga It Up’s school programming is designed to bring awareness to these aspects of yoga as they relate to a child’s life today. As such, themes covered include:

  • Compassion: avoiding judgment and negative interactions
  • Truthfulness: integrity of our words and actions
  • Non-stealing: respect of others’ space and time; selfishness
  • Controlling the senses: mindfulness with eating, media and relationships
  • Moderation: practice of conservation
  • Cleanliness: self-care on the inside and out, including positive thinking
  • Contentment: gratitude and responsibility for your own experience
  • Self-discipline: commitment, perseverance, mindful actions
  • Self-study: compassion for self; being your inner scientist
  • Connection: connecting with others, our community and nature

All programs include complimentary materials to reinforce tools learned through our programs! 

We provide all equipment necessary for programming, all we ask is for use of a multipurpose 

room or gym. We also provide a letter that can be supplied to parents for information.

We can schedule up to 8 classes in one day and can accommodate full school bookings that are

flexible to your school's scheduling and budgeting needs.