Facilitating life skills for emotional & mental well-being to children and youth 3 - 18 years & their schools 

Class Information for New Students


Welcome to our Yoga It Up Family! Here is some essential class information to get you started...

Doors will open about 5-10 minutes before class, so if you are able, please arrive a few minutes before so we can get started right away! We always encourage a trip to the bathroom before our class begins as well. 

We have a strict no electronics policy for class. 

Like any other time our stomachs are empty, it does not help us properly fuel our mind, body or spirits. Yoga on an empty stomach is distracting and yoga on a full stomach doesn’t feel good either. Please be aware if your child needs a small snack prior to class! As we most often have a student with allergies, please wash hands and mouth after you eat. 

There will be mats available for your child's use, but you are also welcome to bring your own if they prefer. If your child uses a stuffy or something in particular to fall asleep or comfort him/herself with, please have your child bring it to class. This helps to transfer our skills learned on our mat to using them at home.

Please ensure your child brings a water bottle and wears comfortable clothes for moving in! 

If we could please ask for whispers as you wait outside as during the end of class is our quiet "savasana" time and the less distractions the better (like hearing a familiar voice!!). 

As it is really hard to try and be still and restful, and your kids are working so hard to do so, we kindly ask for you to wait outside of class quietly so as not to distract from their efforts. The class door will be opened once class is finished and it is pick up time.

If your child is anxious to separate from you, you are welcome to very quietly be in the classroom during class. Class manners of no electronics and confidentiality would apply during our time together. Sometimes "knowing" who the instructor is and what is happening aids in anxiety, so I would encourage letting your child see our video on our website (www.yogaitup.ca) or checking out your instructor here: https://www.yogaitup.ca/our-team.html 

Thank you for supporting your children and their amazing-ness!! It is such an honour to work with them. If you have any questions, concerns or something comes up last minute, please feel free to call 604-727-6816.