Pain Care Yoga for Children and Teens
For children and teens, experiencing chronic pain can make them feel alone, scared, and stressed. It can change the way they interact and connect with friends and family. It can also take them away from activities such as school, sports, and much more. 
Yoga can help relieve pain the brain has learned by changing the way the brain perceives the pain. Through mindfulness activities and breathing exercises, a yoga practice can help reduce the “fight-or-flight” response and alleviate the stress and anxiety associated with pain. 
In these one-on-one therapeutic yoga sessions, breathing techniques, mindfulness activities such as meditation, and a combination of hatha and restorative yoga poses will be used to help children and teens become friends with their pain.
These classes will aim to help children and teens: 
·      Understand their chronic pain
·      Learn to be compassionate towards themselves 
·      Reduce fears and anxiety associated with pain
·      Gain an inner awareness

These classes can help children and teens with chronic pain conditions including arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, back pain, and stomachaches or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Developed and led by Susan Le, BBA, RYT250, R.H.N., Yoga for the Special Child©.

Susan's journey with yoga has been one about discovering acceptance, peace, and kindness within herself. She began practicing yoga 5 years ago after experiencing chronic pain and not being able to move freely in her own body. Yoga has allowed her to connect to her breath, stay present, and move with ease on and off her mat.

Formally, Susan is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.), has completed her 250-hour yoga teacher training with Langara College, and her training in Yoga for the Special Child®. Susan is excited to be sharing yoga with kids as she is continuously inspired by them to live in the present moment, with lots of love and laughter. Susan hopes to inspire and empower people to move with an open heart, lightness and joy on and off their mats. Off her mat, you’ll find Susan strolling along farmer’s markets, getting lost in a good book, and hanging out with my friends and family.

Susan is also currently designing and leading yoga classes for female youth living with Scoliosis with the Scoliclinic in Vancouver, BC. You can discover more about Susan here


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