Go in-depth with us to learn our unique Peaceful Warriors programming, including:

  • Delivering programming to Preschoolers, All Girls, All Boys, Tweens, Teens & Families
  • Designing and facilitating groups 
  • Developing and managing a private client practice
  • Class management skills
  • Lesson plans and curriculum development
  • The business of kids yoga 

Led by Julia Bain Johnson (BA, MA, CCYT), class content includes case studies and will be focused on how to effectively deliver age-appropriate physical postures (hatha yoga specific), discussions, breathing techniques, positive psychology tools and mindfulness practices to assist children and youth with:

  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Self-Worth
  • Healthy Habits                                   
  • Depression 
  • Self-Regulation                                    
  • Grief                 
  • Goal Setting and Focus                  
  • Body Image
  • Leadership Skills

Learn how to develop the mind-body connection in children and youth by assisting them to identify what it physically feels like to have big emotions – such as fear, anxiety, worry, sadness, anger, over stimulation – and how we can help ourselves in those moments when the emotions are overwhelming. Ages 9+ take this one step further, working towards developing healthy habits that can assist us even before we come to a point of emotional crisis. Our aim is to utilize skills we learn on our mat in our every day lives. 

Pre-requisites: Module 1. Professional Development Certification upon completion. Program materials included.

Module 2: Creating Peaceful Warriors


Facilitating life skills for emotional & mental well-being to children and youth 3 - 18 years & their schools