We strive to create an affordable program model for schools as we understand budgeting restraints. Costs can be as low as $2.00 per student, per session, depending on how many divisions/blocks are booked and how many students in each. All programs include complimentary materials to reinforce tools learned through our programs. We encourage you to promote our crowdfunding campaign in which donors can make contributions direct to your school for programming! Learn more

The following costs are per division/block, per session.

1) 5-session Curriculum
1 division/blocks = $120
2 divs/blocks = $70 
3 divs/blocks = $65
4+ divs/blocks = $60
2) 10-session Curriculum
1 division/blocks = $120
2 divs/blocks = $70 
3 divs/blocks = $65
4+ divs/blocks = $50

3) Introductory Workshop

1-day introductory workshop: Costs are $120 per division/block.

2-day introductory workshop: 

1 - 3 divisions/blocks = $120 per session
4+ divs/blocks = $70 per session

We schedule consecutive classes during the school day around your school’s bell schedule. Each class is 30-50 minutes in length dependant on your school's bell schedule. We can schedule an entire school no problem!

Mind Your Movements© is delivered through the following program options:

1) 5-session Curriculum

This is most commonly delivered over the course of 5 weeks, but can alternatively be scheduled for a 5 days period.

2) 10-session Curriculum

This is delivered over the course of a 10 week period.

3) Introductory Workshop

This is delivered in either a 1-session or 2-session format depending on your needs. 


To confirm your booking we require a non-refundandable 10% deposit. You will be invoiced for the remaining balance on the first day of classes and it is due within two weeks of your program start date. We accept direct deposits, cheques and e-transfers.

We do our best to be flexible to your school's scheduling needs, such as assemblies, field trips, etc. Where possible, we prefer to re-schedule an entire day for an alternative day of the same week. However, if you need to re-schedule a portion of a day which results in our instructor needing to be available on an additional day there is an additional $15 per day re-scheduled. 


Facilitating life skills for emotional & mental well-being to children and youth 3 - 18 years & their schools 


For a description of Mind Your Movements in-school programs see here

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