"Wow, Julia. I am grateful to have found you to be able to impact (name) through yoga at such a young age. Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback. You hit on a core challenge for him and I am hopeful that yoga can help him not to be so hard on himself and to manage his frustration. The earlier we can ingrain that, the better. Thank you again!" 

–Marcie, parent of 9 year old boy 

“My 12 year old son is not very physical, lacks confidence in his physical ability and is easily defeated if he feels like something is too hard. He is very sensitive and wears his emotions on his sleeve. We have tried several approaches to help him gain confidence and work on his flexibility, core strength and overall physicality with limited success.

Julia has worked 1:1 in private lessons with him for a few months and in that time, he has started to really enjoy his yoga sessions.He looks forward to his time with her and we have noticed improvements in his strength, flexibility and balance. She has a very gentle and positive approach which has done wonders for his self esteem. She is able to modify and adapt the exercises to make them appropriate to his skill level without making him feel unsuccessful. I would highly recommend Julia’s yoga approach for any child.

-Elaine, parent of 12 year old boy 

“Our child has really enjoyed the yoga class and would love to continue. He has enjoyed his teacher. He agrees that if he does not understand why he is doing something, he will make it relevant for himself; he likes how it appeals to his intellectual side and makes it meaningful for him. He enjoys being with the other boys in the class and he looks forward to continuing.”

-Ingrid, parent of 11 year old boy

“My child has been practicing her meditation. I find that she seems calmer and she can't wait to go each week.”

–Simone, parent of 11 year old girl 




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