Facilitating life skills for emotional & mental well-being to children and youth 3 - 18 years & their schools 

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Who: Anyone who works with, volunteers with, coaches, guides, educates, parents (etc!) children and youth that wants to see them succeed regardless of their circumstance or perceived ability.

Why: Because every child deserves to - and can - SHINE! However, it takes a team and this includes you because, by way of your role in their life, you are in a unique position to model, create and support what they need. 

What: While I do utilize yoga as a means to facilitate this environment and tools for children and youth, the foundational elements to this practice can be accessed within any field. Through this training you will discover how to create:

  1. The Framework: An asset-based, Positive Youth Development approach to working with, and being with, children and youth that recognizes, supports and values their innate strengths and abilities to get them engaged in their life! 
  2. The Environment: Ahimsa…non-violence of thoughts, words and actions towards ourselves, and others (creating an emotionally and physically safe space).
  3. The Dialogue: From drugs, war, mental health, suicide, anxiety, body image, self worth, values, etc. They think it, you discuss it (without judgment).
  4. The Tools: Mindfulness-based practices; Positive Psychology tools; Social-Emotional Learning in action, Neuroplasticity at work, and of course, Yoga (including breath, sequences and philosophies) applied to every day scenarios. 

When: March 10th, 2018. Repeats May 12th, 2018. 8:30am - 5:30pm

Where: Delta, British Columbia (*Note: Online training coming Spring 2018)

Cost: $260 inclusive of GST. Participants receive a Professional Development certificate and manual. 



​​Professional Development for Yoga Instructors, Educators and other Child & Youth Professionals

Participants can earn Continuing Education credits in many fields, including Counselors, SWs, Psys, OTs, SLPs, Educators, Nurses, and Yoga Teachers. Our trainings do not provide certification through Yoga Alliance at this time. 

Module 1// Keitumetse (The Practice of I Am Happy) * more info here

For anyone who is personally and/or professionally invested in seeing children and youth thrive. Come discover the ​foundational tools that can be accessed for every child, and for every environment, even if you're not a yogi!

Module 2// Yoga It Up for You (and your business)* More info here

For those more yoga inclined, dive deeper into using the Keitumetse tools through yoga with children, youth, families and schools. Then, let me share with you my journey, tools and curriculums that have led to a successful business practice so that we can create this for you! If you're ready to jump right in you will be eligible to join us at our Immersion School. 

  • Delivering programming to Preschoolers, All Girls, All Boys, Tweens, Teens & Families (through groups & private practice)
  • Class structure, age-appropriate activities and physical practice (asana)
  • Working with special populations (groups and private practice)
  • Yoga in schools
  • Lesson plans and curriculum development
  • The business of kids yoga (for private practice, community and school settings)

When: March 11th, 2018. Repeats May 13th, 2018. 8:30am - 5:30pm
Where: Delta, B.C. (*Note: Online training coming Spring 2018)

Cost: $260 inclusive of GST. Participants receive a Professional Development certificate. Additional items available for purchase including our business and marketing package and evidence-based curriculums. Module 1 a pre-requisite. 

Module 3// Immersion School * More info here

Put your training into action while having a mentor with you every step of the way! Join Founder & Director, Julia Bain Johnson, in a school to see the Mind Your Movements© curriculum and structure in action. If you're feeling ready to dive in, then Julia will be there to support and guide you. Your opportunity to ask all of your questions and truly be ready to create a career you are passionate about with all of the tools in your belt to equip you to do it NOW! Qualified instructors will have access to local school contacts and relationships, as well as contracts, that Yoga It Up has spent years creating - our gift to you. For the one-time fee you may attend as many immersion days as you feel you need before branching out on your own! Price also includes our Mind Your Movements© curriculum (and accompanying resources) and your business and marketing packages at no additional cost.  

Spring 2018 Dates (you may choose one or more days at no additional cost)

When:March 12th and March 15th. (8am - 3:30pm each day) 

Where: Langley, B.C.

When: April 3rd and 4th. April 10th and 11th. April 18th and 19th. (8am - 3:30pm each day)

Where: Surrey, B.C.

* May and June dates TBA

Cost: $370 inclusive of GST. Participants receive a Professional Development certificate, our business and marketing package and our evidence-based curriculums. Module 1 and 2 a pre-requisite. 

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