Facilitating life skills for emotional & mental well-being to children and youth 3 - 18 years & their schools

Our Youth & Mental Health‚Äč

With anxiety continuing to be the largest mental health challenge our children and youth face in Canada, and our youth suicide rates amongst the highest in the industrialized world, creating more access and opportunities for emotional and mental well-being resources is paramount. At Yoga It Up we believe this is our role.

Speaking Engagements 
Founder & Director Julia Bain Johnson is an engaging, passionate speaker and role model for youth. Sharing her personal story of emotional and mental well-being alongside her extensive experience and education in Preventative Health Education within a Positive Youth Development Framework, Julia delivers a dynamic presentation on finding strength and compassion, understanding our emotional and mental health needs, and supporting both ourselves and our peers.

Mentorship for Youth

Beginning with a speaking engagement from our Founder & Director, Julia Bain Johnson, mentorship takes this presentation further by delivering a Peaceful Warriors youth program that follows our Peer & Pep structure, including the development of leadership skills and peer support tools whereby youth feel empowered to find their strengths and use their own journey to support others in need. 

Curriculum Development and Consultation for Educators
Julia works as a consultant for schools and organizations to assess, advise, develop and/or facilitate engaging, effective curriculum within a Positive Youth Development Framework designed specifically for their own environment and needs. Would you like to be able to design and deliver effective emotional and mental well-being curriculum yourself? Then let Julia assist you in its development. Learn more here

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